How to See Who Your Partner is Messaging on Whatsapp without Touching their Phone

How to See Who Your Partner is Messaging on Whatsapp without Touching their Phone

It can be a delicate and difficult situation to view someone else’s WhatsApp chats from your computer. Before attempting to do so, it is crucial to take the ethical and legal ramifications into account.

In most circumstances, it is illegal and immoral to access someone’s WhatsApp messages without that person’s permission.

There are ways to view their WhatsApp chats from your PC, though, if you have a good cause to do so, including keeping tabs on your child’s internet behavior or determining a spouse’s loyalty.

How to See Who Your Partner is Messaging on Whatsapp without Touching their Phone

We will demonstrate two different ways for you to carry out this task. While the second is more streamlined, the first is somewhat technical in nature.

First strategy

How to See Who Your Partner is Messaging on Whatsapp? is explained in the steps below.

  • Get Access to the Target Device: You must first obtain access to the target device in order to read someone’s WhatsApp messages from your PC.

Several methods exist for achieving this. You can approach the individual and request their consent to use their gadget, but this may not be feasible or practicable.

A different choice is to physically access the gadget when the user isn’t there. You can accomplish this by either stealing the device or short-term borrowing it.

  • Install a spy app for WhatsApp: The next step is to install a WhatsApp surveillance app after you have access to the target smartphone.

There are several spy apps on the market, both commercial and unpaid. mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Hoverwatch are a few of the well-liked choices. With the use of these tools, you may covertly and remotely monitor WhatsApp communications.

  • Activate the spy app: You must configure the spy app once it has been installed on the target device. Typically, to do this, one must register for an account on the app’s website and enter information about the target device, including its operating system and phone number.

Following that, the spy app will begin keeping an eye on the device and sending updates on WhatsApp messages and other activities.

  • View WhatsApp Messages on Your Computer: Once the spy app is installed, you can use your computer to view the WhatsApp messages on the target device.

You may examine all the monitored activities, including WhatsApp messages, calls, and media files, on the web-based dashboard provided by the majority of spy software. Any computer with an internet connection can access the dashboard by logging in.

  • Maintain lawful and moral behavior: It’s crucial to remember that most of the time, it’s unlawful and immoral to view someone else’s WhatsApp communications without that person’s permission.

Before doing so, it’s crucial to think about the possible repercussions. It could be ethical and lawful to keep an eye on someone’s internet behavior if you have a good cause to do so, such as to ensure the safety of your children. It is not moral or lawful to do this, though, if you’re doing it for selfish or evil purposes.

Second strategy

Compared to the first procedure, the second one is simpler. the steps listed below

  • Initially, try to get access to the phone WhatsApp either by stealing or borrowing.
  • Use any browser to launch it, then enter the address
  • Maintain it open while you wait to scan the QR code.
  • On the phone, launch Whatsapp.
  • Select Linked Devices from the Menu or Setting menu.
  • On Link a Device, click.
  • To take a photo of the QR code, aim the phone at the display.

Immediately done scanning the device, hand the phone back to the owner, and all incoming and outgoing messages will appear on your device. You can choose to either read the messages and ignore them or reply to them in chat.

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