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Facebook friends mapper android – Facebook Friends Mapper for Android is an app that was designed to help users see hidden information about their Facebook friends.

Its major purpose was to enable users to view unlisted details about their Facebook friends. Users of the app are able to view Facebook profiles of individuals whose privacy settings are set to private or who have friends-only visibility set as their profile visible restriction.

It builds a social graph of the user’s Facebook network based on their list of shared friends, which may be used to learn more about their pals.

The application was first produced in 2013 as a Chrome extension before being converted into a stand-alone Android application. As a result of it breaking Facebook’s terms of service and privacy guidelines, it has drawn debate and criticism.

The program can still be downloaded from third-party sources even if it is no longer offered on the Google Play Store.


How do I add a friend to my Mapper extension on Facebook?

Facebook Friends Mapper Extension App Download

What is Facebook friends Mapper?

The purpose of Facebook Friends Mapper

With the help of Facebook Friends Mapper, users may follow the whereabouts of their Facebook friends and discover their relationships with one another.

Aran Khanna, a student programmer, created the software to investigate the potential effects of data mining on social networks.

The software was developed by Khanna to show how simple it was to gather and analyze data on Facebook and to increase awareness of the privacy issues involved with disclosing private information online.

The app’s ensuing controversy

When Facebook Friends Mapper was first introduced, there was some controversy because many users were worried that the tool could be used to follow and observe their travels.

The program has also come under fire for having the potential to be used for harmful activities like stalking. Facebook took action to disable the app and stop users from using it to collect data from the social network in response to these worries.

How to use the app

By examining the data on a user’s Facebook account, Facebook Friends Mapper was able to visualize the relationships between various people.

The app employed a process called “graphing,” which entailed outlining the interpersonal relationships among various Facebook profiles. Using this method, the program was able to pinpoint each user’s position and their relationships with other users on the social network.

Facebook Friends Mapper usage instructions:

  • Installing and downloading the app

Users had to download and install the app from the Google Play Store in order to use Facebook Friends Mapper. Due to privacy concerns, the app was later taken down from the Play Store.

It is crucial to remember that installing and downloading third-party apps from sources other than the Google Play Store can increase security concerns.

  • Create Facebook account

Users required a Facebook account in order to utilize Facebook Friends Mapper. To access the information offered by the social network, the app required users to connect their Facebook accounts to it.

  • Connecting your Facebook account to the app

After downloading the app, users had to connect it to their Facebook accounts. This required them to sign in to the app using their Facebook account and grant the app access to their Facebook data.

  • Examining the information

Users may start analyzing the data and tracking the whereabouts of their Facebook friends once they linked their Facebook account to the app.

The software would create a map displaying each user’s location and relationships with other users on the social network.

Why the app was removed from Google Play

Concerns about the Facebook Friends Mapper app’s possible privacy risks led to its removal from the Google Play Store.

Facebook claimed that the app’s ability to collect and analyze data from the platform without other users’ express agreement breached the terms of service of the social network.

The potential misuse of the app

The possibility of stalking and other criminal uses of Facebook Friends Mapper was one of the main worries people had about it.

It was thought that because the software allowed users to follow the whereabouts of their Facebook friends, it could be used to track other people’s movements without their knowledge or agreement.

The dangers of utilizing unofficial Facebook applications

One example of the possible dangers linked to utilizing third-party apps on social media is Facebook Friends Mapper.

These apps frequently request access to users’ personal information, which may then be used for a variety of things without the users’ knowledge or approval.

The significance of properly reading the permissions and privacy policies of any app before downloading and installing it is brought out by this.

The legitimacy of social network data scraping

Important legal issues with the practice of data scraping on social networks are brought up by Facebook Friends Mapper.

Although Facebook said the software broke its terms of service, data scraping is currently not explicitly governed by any laws or regulations.

In summary: An app called Facebook Friends Mapper for Android was developed to make it easier for users to browse the Facebook profiles of persons whose privacy settings are set to private or whose friends-only visibility is restricted.

The program builds a social graph of the user’s Facebook network using the mutual friend list, which may be used to learn more about friends.

The app’s violation of Facebook’s terms of service and privacy policy has drawn debate and condemnation. As a result, the software can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store but is still accessible from other websites.

To avoid any security hazards or legal repercussions, it is crucial to only utilize programs that have official approval and are accessible on official app marketplaces.

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