Christopher Tuma: Carmen Blackwell Husband, A Former Baseball Player

Christopher Tuma is a former collegiate baseball player who now works as a Regional Sales Manager for Collabera.

Chris Tuma is the spouse of Carmen Blackwell, a rising television anchor, and newscaster in Phoenix, Arizona.

As a weekday morning anchor and health reporter, she works at KALB-TV5 in Alexandria, Louisiana. Graphic from KNOE-TV8. A morning anchor/reporter for FOX 10 is also an American journalist (KSAZ-TV).

Since March 2018, Carmen Blackwell has worked as a journalist for FOX affiliate KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, Arizona. KSAZ Reporter has revealed that she will be leaving The Firm’s Phoenix station as well.

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How did they both meet?

How they meet
Christopher Tuma propose to Carmen Blackwell

In Alexandria, Louisiana, America, the couple meets. Carmen and Chris were introduced via a mutual acquaintance. Christopher Tuma, a Regional Sales Manager at Collabera and a former college baseball player, is Blackwell’s husband.

On January 2, 2020, Blackwell announced his engagement. They kept their wedding date a secret from the press. They both love each other, they love to assist each other in times of difficulty or challenges.

Blackwell is married to Christopher Tuma, a fellow American artist. They have not, however, revealed the date of their wedding to the press.

Did the Couple have any Children?

Cairo Alexander
Christopher Tuma Son

Together they are blessed with a child namely, Cairo Alexander Tuma. Cairo Alexander Tuma, their child, was born to them as a blessing to the couple.

Carmen Blackwell Twitted on 10th August 2020 “Be still my heart. Our little pumpkin is home, sweet home. There truly is no greater feeling in this world…”.

The birth of their child brought happiness and fulfillment to their awaited dream which they had been patiently waiting for like a couple after their marriage.

Both celebrated their child, since the birth of Cairo Alexander Tuma, the couple has been in a happy mood.

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Details About Christopher Tuma’s wife Biography

The former collegiate baseball player now works as a Regional Sales Manager for Collabera Christopher had a wife named Carmen Blackwell.

Carmen Blackwell bio
Carmen Blackwell

Carmen Blackwell is an American journalist who worked for FOX 10/KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, Arizona from March 2018 until March 2021 as a morning news anchor.

Prior to joining Fox 10, Blackwell was the weekday morning host at Alexandria, Louisiana’s NBC station, ‘KALB-TV.’

On March 3rd, Blackwell was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America. She always commemorates her birthday on March 3rd. Details about her birth year are still being finalized and will be updated as they are made public.

However, determining her exact age is difficult because her birth year has not been made public. This information will be updated as soon as possible. She was up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was enamored with the city’s gorgeous nightlight and wonderfully decorated surroundings.

Carmen went to Destrehan High School from 2008 to 2012 and then transferred to the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2012. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with a minor in Spanish in 2016.

On behalf of KNOE News Director Bob Walter, General Manager Brad Ginsberg, and the Louisana Association of Broadcasting, she was awarded a scholarship. More information about her can be found further down.

Tuma Wife at Fox 10 phoenix

Carmen Blackwell bio

Carmen Blackwell is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning anchor and reporter who is bilingual. Crescent City is where Blackwell was born and reared. At the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the New Orleans native received a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Carmen could always be found doing one of two things as a child: singing Elvis Presley and Chaka Kan songs into a random mirror around the house, or scribbling her current thoughts on paper.

Her enthusiasm for writing has always been strong, but she had no idea that her childhood journal was just the beginning. Her high school experience exposed her to a facet of writing she hadn’t encountered before: broadcast journalism. She went out to make her goals come true as a Crescent City girl with huge ambitions.

Carmen acquired a passion for stories and the ability to pursue a career in reporting with the help of Hawke TV and Monroe’s CBS affiliate, KNOE.

She worked as a weekday morning anchor, reporter, and co-producer at KALB-TV in Alexandria, Louisiana. She spent almost a year and a half working as a weekday morning reporter and fill-in anchor for FOX o&o KSAZ in Phoenix.

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What is the wife’s net worth?

Carmen Blackwell’s net worth is believed to be $100k as a result of her salary and celebrity.

carmen blackwell

Her primary source of income is her employment as a television personality. On average, FOX news anchors earn between $33,774 and $112,519 each year.

However, depending on the employee’s level of seniority, these figures can vary dramatically. Right now, we don’t know Carmen’s exact pay, but we’ll keep an eye on it and let you know when it becomes available.

The net worth of Blackwell is estimated to be between $10,000 and $100,000. This includes both her cash and her earnings. Carmen has had good luck with her several sources of income, but she prefers to keep things simple.

She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, surrounded by vibrant nightlife and a vibrantly painted city. Prior to relocating to Phoenix, Arizona, in the Valley of the Sun.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Louisiana. The College Media Association Convention and the Southeast Journalism Conference both recognized her broadcasting work here.

She earned a minor in Spanish while pursuing her degree in mass communication at ULM. She worked as a weekday morning host for the NBC affiliate ‘KALB-TV’ in Alexandria her birthplace.

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