Joe Lewis Biography: Yacht, Wife, Daughter, and Net Worth

Joe Lewis biography – This article will focus on Joseph C. Lewis’s biography and also answer some asked questions people do ask about Joe Lewis.

Joe Lewis is a British businessman and investor. The British businessman left school at 15 to help his father run their West End catering business before taking it over himself and selling it years later.

After selling his family business in the 1970s, Lewis made his wealth from currency trading over the next two decades before buying the majority stake in Spurs 20 years ago.

Lewis’ English National Investment Company (ENIC) group now owns 85.5% of the north London club.

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Joe Lewis Early Life, Birth

Lewis was on born 5 February 1937 to a Jewish family above a public house in Roman Road, Bow, London. Lewis left school at 15 to help run his father’s West End catering business, Tavistock Banqueting.

When he took the reins, he quickly expanded it by selling luxury goods to American tourists, and also owned the West End club the Hanover Grand, where he gave Robert Earl his first job. He later sold the business in 1979 to make his initial wealth.

Joe Lewis Marital life and Family

Lewis has been married twice. His first marriage to Esther Browne ended in divorce. They had two children: Vivienne Lewis Silverton and Charles Lewis.

Vivienne Lewis Silverton is seen as his heir and serves on Tavistock’s board of directors. She is divorced from Toby Silverton, the former chairman of Bristol Cars, once fully owned by Tavistock.

She was engaged to the ex-Liverpool footballer Craig Johnston for 18 years from the 2000s to the 2010s. Charles Lewis lives in Argentina, and Lewis is now married to Jane Lewis.

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Joe Lewis wife

His first marriage to Esther Browne ended in divorce and later married Jane Lewis.

Lewis has had two marriages. His first marriage, to Esther Browne, was short-lived. Vivienne Lewis Silverton and Charles Lewis were their two children. Vivienne Lewis Silverton is his “heir” and is on the board of directors of Tavistock.

Toby Silverton, the former chairman of Bristol Cars, which was originally entirely controlled by Tavistock, is divorced from her.

In the 2000s and 2010s, she was engaged to ex-Liverpool footballer Craig Johnston for 18 years. Charles Lewis is now married to Jane Lewis and lives in Argentina.

Joe Lewis Daughter

Vivienne Lewis
Joe’s daughter; Vivienne Lewis

Lewis had two children: Vivienne Lewis Silverton and Charles Lewis.

The daughter Vivienne married Toby Silverton, the former chairman of Bristol Cars, once fully owned by Tavistock. She was later divorced by Toby.


Joe Lewis Art collection

Lewis’s art collection is estimated to be worth $1 billion and includes works by Picasso, Matisse, Lucian Freud, and sculptor Henry Moore.

He bought Francis Bacon’s Triptych 1974–1977 in 2008 for £26.3 million, then a record for postwar artwork bought in Europe.

In November 2018 Joe Lewis sold his Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) by David Hockney in Christie’s salesroom for $90.3 million.

Lewis is the owner of several versions of Arturo Di Modica’s iconic Charging Bull, including the original, which the artist installed during the middle of the night on 15 December 1989 on Wall Street with no prior permission from the authorities.

Joe Lewis Currency trading


After selling the family business in the late 1970s, Lewis moved into currency trading in the 1980s and 1990s, resulting in his move to the Bahamas where he is now a tax exile.

In September 1992, Lewis teamed up with George Soros to bet on the pound’s crashing out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

The event, which was dubbed Black Wednesday, made Lewis very wealthy. It has been suggested by some that he made more money from the event than Soros. Lewis is still an active foreign exchange trader.

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Joe Lewis Net Worth

joe lewis
Joe lewis’s net worth

According to the Sunday Times Rich List in 2021, Lewis has a net worth of £4.33 billion, an increase of £338 million from 2020.

Lewis is the majority owner of the Premier League football team Tottenham Hotspur.

How did Joe Lewis get rich?

Born above a pub in London’s East End, Lewis helped his family build a catering business. He sold it and became a currency trader. Lewis took delivery of a 321-foot yacht with an indoor paddle tennis court in 2017.

How much is Joe Lewis worth?

Joe’s worth is estimated to be 5.4 billion USD as of 2022.

What yachts does Joe Lewis own?

Aviva is a 68 meters (223 ft) length motor yacht. Drafted as Aviva III, it is the third superyacht named Aviva built for Bahamas-based British businessman Joe Lewis.
Aviva (68m yacht)

How much is Joe Lewis yacht?

Joe Lewis, the British billionaire, Chairman of Tavistock Group, and the 5th richest man in the UK, commissioned this stunning superyacht which was launched in January 2017. Its believed to be valued at US$250 million! That’s £204,225,000.00 GBP!

How did Joe Lewis lose a third of his fortune?

Sir Joe lost a third of his fortune when a US bank collapsed, but associates say he will claw it back.

Joe Lewis will watch his friend Tiger Woods tee off at the Isleworth Golf and Country Club in Orlando at exactly 11:05 a.m. on Monday, and begin to push the memory of losing a billion dollars in one day from his mind.

Golf has always served as a welcome diversion from his many forays into the high-risk, high-reward world of large-scale investing. And, after losing a third of his money in the collapse of the American bank Bear Stearns, the opening of the charity tournament at his premium resort in the heart of Florida’s lake region will undoubtedly be a timely – and welcome – reprieve.

One longtime acquaintance, who did not want to be identified, claims that it is not in the 71-year-old British tycoon’s nature to be concerned about any financial loss, even if it appears to be disastrous.

A friend said, “He’s a big lad.” “If you still have two billion dollars in the bank, you can absorb it.”

However, Lewis, who owns a majority share in Tottenham Hotspur, has privately voiced his discontent with the turn of events and is covertly scheming a means to recoup at least part of the debt.


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